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Six ways to get financially fit for 2010

written by Rachel_McDonald
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This is going to be the year - the year we finally get on top of our personal finances. Yes, come January we'll all be making similar promises to ourselves but there is a way - and it's not even too painful. There will be no forced selling of unwanted Christmas pressies on eBay (though that's not a bad idea), there will be no flogging the second car or the apartment in Turkey.

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How to save money on your winter heating bills

written by Rachel_McDonald

There are plenty of ways to save money but how to do it without sacrificing everything that's good in your life? Sometimes for a little bit of effort we can save the morning latte that makes your day just that bit more bearable. And it can be done without any real pain. It might mean switching from one provider to another for example...

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How to avoid falling into money traps

written by Naomi_Richardson

Is payment protection insurance really one of the worst forms of insurance you can buy? Those of us who took out mortgage payment protection insurance to cover job loss or serious illness should be feeling confident that at least the mortgage is covered - no matter what happens, right? For most of us meeting those mortgage repayments is a priority.

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Save money and score brownie points at school

written by Naomi_Richardson

Here's some good news. We keep hearing about how our classrooms are lagging behind in the technology stakes and while many may go down the traditional route of a cake sale, there is an easier way to help out our children. HomeVision, an Irish company providing telephone, broadband and digital TV, and Promethean, a global-leading manufacturer of interactive classroom technology, have teamed up to offer an innovative programme.

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How credit cards can ease the financial pain

written by Alex

Feel like your finances are beating you up? Join the club - it's one with an increasing membership. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time take control over your spending. Christmas has many traditions - plus the traditions we invented during the boom years - splashing the cash and maxing out our credit cards. While overindulging generally meant a lean January...

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Your job may drive up the price of insurance

written by M_Horgan

Your sensible brother may slag you about the money you splash on shoes, bling and weekends away. He may even say you’re high risk on the high street with your credit card. But when it comes to car insurance, you get away lightly. It’s young men who are classed in the higher risk categories, according to ...

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You need to double up to get a mortgage

written by Charlie_Weston

Buying a house or apartment with a friend or family member can be a great way to boost your buying power.

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The uchoose news round up

written by Aidan_Coughlan

Adrian Weckler of The Sunday Business Post reports that Wimax Broadband is to launch in Dublin this week.

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The insurance you can't live without

written by Rachel_McDonald

So, it’s time to renew your insurance. You know the sensible thing is to shop around and compare prices but you’re all out of recession fire.

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The insurance you can't live without (part two)

written by Rachel_McDonald

Knowing your way around car insurance could be a whole article in itself especially when you get into the tricky territory of car accidents and who’s to blame.

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Article 12.10.09 0 Recommends 1 Comments
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