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Conor Pope explains how Living Lightly works

written by Conorpope
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Running taps has trickle effect on water

written by Naomi_Richardson

Insurance company FBD got a rap over the knuckles for suggesting that householders leave their taps trickling all night in order to prevent their pipes from freezing in a pre-Christmas blog. Dublin City Council said the actions of FBD Insurance were "just not acceptable" when everyone nationwide is being urged to conserve water, the Irish Independent reports.

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Six ways to get financially fit for 2010

written by Rachel_McDonald

This is going to be the year - the year we finally get on top of our personal finances. Yes, come January we'll all be making similar promises to ourselves but there is a way - and it's not even too painful. There will be no forced selling of unwanted Christmas pressies on eBay (though that's not a bad idea), there will be no flogging the second car or the apartment in Turkey.

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How to avoid falling into money traps

written by Naomi_Richardson

Is payment protection insurance really one of the worst forms of insurance you can buy? Those of us who took out mortgage payment protection insurance to cover job loss or serious illness should be feeling confident that at least the mortgage is covered - no matter what happens, right? For most of us meeting those mortgage repayments is a priority.

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New airline could slash costs of transatlantic travel

written by Siobhan_Norton

Transatlantic airfares could drop by 30pc - that's if a proposed new airline poised to take advantage of the current market crises takes off. There is a “two-year window of opportunity” to establish a Dublin-based low-cost carrier on transatlantic routes, according to a report published by Bloxham Stockbrokers. Bloxham aviation analyst Joe Gill said a low-fares transatlantic service would undercut fares offered by flag carriers by 30pc.

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Insurance trouble ahead for householders affected by floods

written by Naomi_Richardson

Insurance is a hot topic this week as the November storms wreak havoc around the country. Thousands of homes have been affected by the flood waters and hopefully all of them will have had insurance cover or it will be a very miserable Christmas indeed. But according to a report in the Irish Times at the weekend householders may find it difficult to get cover for "predictable events" like regular flooding.

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Christmas comes early for owners of internet firm

written by Siobhan_Norton

Nice to see some positive news for a change this week. Christmas came early for the owners of internet firm Web Reservations International. WRI netted almost $500 million (€335 million) from the company, which was sold last week. US private equity firm Hellman & Friedman bought WRI last Thursday for about $340 million in cash, according to the Sunday Business Post.

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Ireland to become a world leader in broadband

written by Siobhan_Norton

Could it be, could it possibly be true? Ireland to become a world leader in, I can barely say it, broadband? It seems, after months and years of us moaning about how we’re stuck in the digital dark ages, change is gonna come. UPC, trading as Chorus NTL, is planning to launch Europe’s fastest broadband service to 600,000 homes, according to this week’s Sunday Business Post.

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This week's uchoose news round up

written by Naomi_Richardson

Here's one less reason to feel guilty about watching TV. UPC, parent company of Chorus ntl is introducing a programme to reduce energy consumption of its digital TV set-top boxes. In cooperation with its vendor Thomson, UPC is introducing a next generation of energy saving green set-top boxes. This initiative fits within UPC’s climate challenge programme which is designed to reduce carbon emissions.

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It's time to cut the cost of your car insurance

written by M_Horgan

It’s a buzz finding a bargain and if there’s one thing to learn when times are tight, it’s the art of honing haggling skills. But consumers can be lazy, or just plain stuck in their ways: the idea of going online or ringing a broker to discuss a better value insurance option is just not on our radar. Yet it’s an annual expense for most of us. We have to insure our cars...

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