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AIB Internet Banking

I could not function without AIB Internet Banking and am ashamed to say that I would send my Granny to make a lodgement to avoid having to actually go into the bank. I pay bills, setup standing orders and occasionally save a few pennies from the comfort of my couch. It is a fanatastic facility and I have no worries as regards the security of the system. Their visa click card is also easily managed via my beloved internet banking and is environmentally friendly by producing estatments. Let's face it, who wants to come home after a day's work to a visa bill that needs opening!

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AIB International banking and financial services organisation

Digiweb - No more arguments about the phone bill

Digiweb has reduced my father's blood pressure without a doubt. With five laptops nearly constantly online and mobiles that never have credit, our home phone bill used to be a cause of much frustration. Since we have joined Digiweb, we pay one bill up front for the Metro bundle and get the odd bill for additional calls. The broadband copes well with the demands of our household and service is constant. Their only fault is that they take the next year's subscription without any notification and we did not have chance to upgrade our package.

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Digiweb Telecoms and internet services with wireless and fixed broadband