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Switching to broadband from ye olde dial-up

written by Rob_Cumiskey
24.11.08 Posted in Home Utilities 0 0

The main advantage of Broadband over Dial-up Internet access is speed. Dial-up modems and their users are restricted to a maximum speed of 56k

It's easy to switch to broadband from dial-upIt's easy to switch to broadband from dial-up

Switching from Dial up:


The main advantage of Broadband over Dial-up Internet access is speed. Dial-up modems and their users are restricted to a maximum speed of 56k. Broadband in Ireland can allow users to experience speeds of 512k and up to 8Mbp. So what do all these numbers mean? Well, if you take for example downloading your favourite song from the Internet on Dial-up, it can take about 14 minutes. Downloading the same song through Broadband on a 1Mbp connection would take about 41 seconds. With a 6Mbps connection, it would almost be instantaneous.

Always on

Broadband is an always-on connection. From as soon as you turn on your PC you have access to all of the benefits of the Internet. No more screechy Dial-up tones and a 3-minute wait to collect your emails or check the latest results, news or gossip. With so many providers giving free wi-fi routers, it gives you the flexibility to add more devices than just one PC. This means that someone can be on the phone, another gaming, while someone else makes new friends on Bebo.

Flat rate

Almost every Broadband service in Ireland is now charged on a monthly, flat rate structure. Many people found it intimidating knowing that their time was being charged on a per minute rate basis and as a result didn't get to relax into their time on the Internet. With a flat fee structure, there are no dreaded surprises at the end of every month.

Switching Providers:

Ordering a landline

Ordering a landline is simple and quick. If you already have a landline entering your home, there is a good chance that you will not even pay an installation fee. At present eircom are offering a free connection if there is a line in situ that can be electronically activated. If your home has never had a landline installed there is a once off fee of €121.3 incl VAT, which will be charged to your bill along with your service fee. Just tick the box when ordering and we will take care of the rest.

Migrating from DSL to DSL

Migrating from one DSL provider to another doesn't need to be a hassle with our simple provider contact list  When migrating you will need to provide your UAN (Universal Account number). These can be obtained through contacting your provider or you will find them on your bill. Once you are out of contract, you do not need to cancel your old service, it will be automatically cancelled by your new provider.
The transfer will take approximately 10 working days and as long as your new service provider sends out your new equipment in time, you will not experience any downtime.

In every other case

If you are migrating from Wireless to DSL, Wireless to Cable, Satellite to Wireless or in fact anything other than from DSL to DSL - you will not need to have your account number to hand. Although we recommend you contacting your old provider to cancel the service once the new one is installed. 

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Find your UAN - use our Broadband Ireland comparison - order on our secure page.


Rob Cumiskey lives in South Co Dublin. He enjoys writing/tweeting/blogging. His spare time is spent watching the latest cinema releases, reading comics and getting stick for supporting Aston Villa FC.

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