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Save money and score brownie points at school

written by Naomi_Richardson
01.12.09 Posted in Smart living 1 1

Here's some good news. We keep hearing about how our classrooms are lagging behind in the technology stakes and while many may go down the traditional route of a cake sale, there is an easier way to help out our children. HomeVision, an Irish company providing telephone, broadband and digital TV, and Promethean, a global-leading manufacturer of interactive classroom technology, have teamed up to offer an innovative programme.

I will use a white board in class, I will use a white board...I will use a white board in class, I will use a white board...

This programme will enable schools and educational organisations in Ireland, to acquire FREE interactive whiteboards (That's free - as in it costs nothing). The purpose of these ACTIVBoards is to maximise communication in the classroom and create learning opportunities for both students and teachers alike.

Funding for school IT equipment

Independent research shows that only 20pc of Ireland’s 32,000 classrooms are currently equipped with interactive
learning technologies. However, in the current downturn, obtaining funding for school IT equipment is becoming increasingly difficult
leaving schools with little option but to raise funds using local initiatives.
At no cost to the public and, aiming to improve ICT provision in classrooms and communication channels in Ireland, HomeVision and
Promethean have come together to create a simple, community-driven funding programme for schools to acquire these cutting-edge
Promethean ACTIVBoards.
For every 30 people signing up to HomeVision’s broadband service, including parents, families or friends, HomeVision will donate and
install a Promethean interactive fixed solution whiteboard to their local school. For 40 sign-ups, the school community then have the
option to upgrade the ACTIVBoard to another level, one with a height-adjustable capability. Anyone can sign up - so even if you have no children of your own, there may be a niece, nephew or neighbour that can benefit from the scheme. If someone signs up from the local parish and says it is for the local National School, that is absolutely fine, according to the nice people at HomeVision.

But what if broadband is just a pipe dream in my area?

Conscious that broadband is not always available in some areas in Ireland, HomeVision has extended this promotion to its HomeVision
telephone anytime service, encouraging sign-up levels of 40 and 54 respectively, to acquire the same interactive whiteboard offers.

But surely there is some catch?

No, none at all. Like we said, it's good news. You can help the local school and yourself - HomeVision broadband prices are significantly lower than other operators with
savings of between 10-30pc. HomeVision also offer all three services, broadband, telephone & digital TV to many exchanges in the Dublin
region where savings of up to 50pc can be achieved on a single all-in-one bill.
Commenting on the HomeVision and Promethean School initiative, Terry Crowley, Managing Director of 3PlayPlus, the company behind
HomeVision explained: “Improved internet access in schools can help enrich education and make it more relevant to the lives of students.
Parents also need to be involved in their childrens’ education and extend teaching from the classroom to the home. 3PlayPlus recognises
this and so, are significantly investing in Ireland’s broadband infrastructure to ensure that HomeVision customers receive an exceptional
level of telecommunication services whilst saving substantial discounts on their monthly bills.”

Graham Byrne, Promethean's Head of Ireland Business added: "Promethean's interactive learning technologies are bringing a whole
new sense of excitement into the teaching and learning experience to Ireland. We are really excited by this promotion as the combination
of technology, media and enhanced communication in the education space is so powerful, students are more engaged with their learning
and development, teachers are able to create and deliver personalised lessons that appeal to different learning styles and, the community
can develop their ICT skills alongside their children."

What's so good about the whiteboard then?

Well, the ACTIVboard will engage students to a greater extent than conventional whole-class
teaching, thereby increasing enjoyment and motivation as well as facilitating student participation through the ability to interact with materials on the
The boards allow the teacher to present materials in multiple ways, using a variety of media such
as text, images, audio and video. Lessons can be pre-prepared, annotated and reused by individual students or by the

How long have I got to sign up?

The programme is an ongoing one, but the sooner you sign up, the sooner your local school gets an ACTIVboard.


Naomi Richardson lives in Meath with her family close to an UNESCO world heritage site. This is great for tourism but little else. When she's not cracking the editorial whip she enjoys eating chocolate and will keep doing so until her metabolism packs in.

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  • This is a fantastic scheme. Great to see an Irish Company that is willing to give back to the community especially in these difficult times.

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