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Apps really very useful

written by Rob_Cumiskey
20.07.09 Posted in Home Utilities 0 0

Like a lot of gadget obsessed people around the country, I purchased a new iPhone 3GS recently. Aside from the endless amounts of tools, and the fact that it can do everything...

There are many reasons to love the iPhoneThere are many reasons to love the iPhone

Like a lot of gadget obsessed people around the country, I purchased a new iPhone 3GS recently. Aside from the endless amounts of tools, and the fact that it can do everything but put the cat out (oh,  they've got an app for that too?), I have become increasingly amazed at the vast number of really useful Apps that are available for free and to purchase on iTunes.
We here at have compiled our current 10 most useful free Apps available on the iPhone at present.

You've heard of the Kindle, right? It's an e-book gadget made by Amazon that is currently taking over the book market in the US. You can't get them here in Ireland I'm afraid. So that means that you can't get the iPhone Kindle App here either. No matter, we have Stanza. It's an e-book reader app, that has it's own store where you can purchase a large selection of very recent e-books straight to your mobile. The reader works like a dream, turning your iPhone into a little digital book.

iHandy Level Free
For Dads everywhere, this app will make the traditional level redundant. Now you can check crooked pictures everywhere you go. What more could you want?

Jelly SMS
Text messaging on certain price plans can be limited and pricey. Jelly SMS allow you to connect to your free O2 texts and send them from your phone. All for the price of nothing. A must have.

Ireland's Phone Book

A complete phone book at your finger-tips. It allows you to dial straight from the phone book, and to save numbers into your phone from the app. No more over priced phone calls to 11850 then.

Sky +
How many times have you found yourself in the pub, and realised after two pints that you haven't put your favourite show on to record? Well, this app should put an end to that awful feeling. Sky have kindly created an app that allows you to remotely record your favourite shows. How kind of them.

Something that the iPhone doesn't have is a torch. Whether you're trying to find your keys in your handbag, looking under the stairs for a screwdriver or checking what the girl next to you in the club really looks like, Flashlight should come in pretty useful.

Free Wi-Fi Finder
Need to find open and free Wi-Fi networks? This app will let you check the locality so that you can hook your phone and laptop up with wireless broadband.

For those of you who want to be contactable by every means possible, try eBuddy. It co-ordinates your Gmail chat, MSN messenger, Myspace chat and every other possible chat mechanism known to man (Disclaimer: Previous statement may be a slight exaggeration).

If you're like me and need a professional Elf to keep your diary and remind you of everything going on, then this is the app for you. It co-ordinates picture, audio and written reminders in a single account. It has a lovely interface too. Note: No professional Elves were harmed in the research for this article.

So you've got the iPhone, but you're finding that there's so many apps in the store, that you don't know where to start? Try PandoraBox. It allows you to search through the complete app store, and contains information about new and discounted/free apps that will help you to narrow down and store your favourites. Quite useful if you used to be indecisive, but now you're not so sure.


Rob Cumiskey


Rob Cumiskey lives in South Co Dublin. He enjoys writing/tweeting/blogging. His spare time is spent watching the latest cinema releases, reading comics and getting stick for supporting Aston Villa FC.

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